Monday, October 15, 2012

Math Monday: Math Journals

This is the first year I have used math journals in my kindergarten classroom. I took composition notebooks and begged my dad to cut them in half for me. He just loves that he has a daughter who is a teacher so he did it! This is the final result. I thought they turned out well and he did for lots less than I would have had to pay at a printing store.

These half size composition notebooks are perfect for my kinders. We just started doing the math journal prompts at the beginning of October. My kinders are loving it. They love showing me what they know! Here are some pictures of their work:

I created these prompts based on the standards we are currently teaching and working on. The October Prompts can be purchased for $3.00 in my TpT store and TN shop

I am working on the November Math Journal Prompts now and will upload them as soon as they are complete.


  1. These looks great!! Thanks for sharing your ideas!!

    Heather (

  2. These are awesome! I just purchased the whole thing from tPt.

    just curious how you use the journals...during math time?, whole group?, beginning of the day?...just wondering. also what does your math time look like. my professional goal is in math this year and i am trying to make changes in how i set my math time up.

    thanks for any help! and thanks for an awesome packet of journal prompts!


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