Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Top O' The Mornin' To You!

Ok, so technically it is afternoon, but I wanted an Irish saying for my blog title! I am currently trying to finish up my grading for the 3rd nine weeks, but I wanted to pop over and share with you some fun activities I have created over the years for my kindergarten class for St. Patrick's Day. You may be able to use them tomorrow or file them away for another year.

Leprechaun Color By Sight Word Sheet: FREE
This is a sheet I created to have my kinders review the sight words with, she, make and good. It is a great morning work activity.

Leaping Leprechauns Unit: $2
This is a unit filled with St. Patrick's Day activities. For ELA, there are activities practicing syllables, sight words, and CVC words. For math, there activities practicing numbers, ordering by size, and addition. It is normally $5 but I have it on sale through tomorrow afternoon for $2.

What's In the Shamrock? CVC Sheet: FREE
This is a sheet I created where the students have to write the CVC word for the picture in each shamrock. It is a great independent activity to see what they know.

Shamrock Syllable Sorting Game: FREE
This is a game I used in small groups to practice clapping the syllables in a word. I printed the cards on cardstock and laminated for durability. Then the kids used them by identifying the picture, clapping the syllables and putting the card under the correct number. There is also a FREE recording sheet.

This sheet is a quick way to informally assess counting up to 20 objects.

I hope you found something here you can use for tomorrow's fun GREEN day. Don't forget to leave me some feedback & comment LOVE if you download any of these and wear your GREEN tomorrow! Happy St. Patrick's day everyone!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Read Across America Week 2016

This past week was one of my favorite weeks of the school year. I simply LOVE teaching about Dr. Seuss and all of his wonderful books. He makes me want to read more to my students and this week we have had so many read-alouds.

My class did our first directed drawing of The Cat in the Hat from First Grade Blue Skies and they were so excited. I think they were precious!

Our school also participated in Read Across America Week 2016 by having 3 school spirit days starting on Dr. Seuss's birthday on Wednesday. I got some birthday hats from Dollar Tree for my students to wear and another wonderful teacher friend of mine made these adorable shirts for us to wear. She made our panda mascot wearing a Seuss hat and she put a different Seuss quote on the back of each person's shirt. I LOVE mine and I can wear it every year!

Thursday we celebrated Fox in Socks by wearing silly, crazy socks! I wore these silly apple socks! I rolled up my pant legs so you could see them better. I posted this picture on Thursday on Instagram which I am LOVING using since I can post it quickly!

Friday we celebrated our favorite Seuss characters. I dressed as The Cat in the Hat and my kiddos LOVED it! I had a couple of Things show up for school along with another Cat in the Hat. I also had a Sneetch and a couple of Foxes in Socks. They were precious!

Hope you had a great Read Across America week! Have a great rest of your weekend!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Currently #3 of Sweet '16

It is the beginning of a new month so that means it is time for me to link up with Farley for her fun Currently linky for March! I know I am a little late to this party but here goes my March Currently:

Listening: I love the quiet of my classroom when all my students have gone home for the weekend. It is something to savor for sure since I have such a talkative group this year!

Loving: I have had such a great time this week with Read Across America week. I always love teaching with Dr. Seuss but this year the whole school got involved and we did 3 days of school spirit (Wed. - birthday hats for Dr. Seuss's birthday; Thurs. - silly socks for Fox in Socks; Fri. - favorite Dr. Seuss character day). I will be blogging about it this weekend so check back.

Thinking: I can't believe that today is mine and the hub's 10th wedding anniversary!!

Wanting: I have been dreaming about a vacation with my family. I think we may have to plan a little getaway for Spring Break 2016! We definitely need some time to do some fun things together!

Needing: I NEED Spring Break 2016 to hurry up! We still have 14 school days left until SB2016 but who's counting?!

Polling Site: I am so thankful that our school is no longer used as a polling site and when we vote we are out of school usually.

Now head over to Farley's blog to read other Currently posts!
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