Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Favorites Linky Party

Fall is in the air! Right now The Schroeder Page is hosting a fall favorites linky party where bloggers can share their favorite fall teaching resources. Here are my favorites that I have created so far:

1) Halloween Fun Unit - $5.00 on TpT & TN
This is my newest unit. I made it to use in my own classroom based on the kindergarten Common Core standards we are currently teaching and assessing. It has language arts and math activities. I am sure many (if not all) of the activities can also be used in first grade.

2) October Math Journal Prompts - $3.00 on TpT & TN
I created these math journal prompts based on the Common Core standards and listed the standards addressed in each prompt at the bottom of the prompt for future reference. I love how these give my students extra practice in the classroom and how I get to see what they are thinking as they solve the prompt. I will be posting a set for November soon. These are aligned to kindergarten CC standards.

3) Making Sets of 10 with Friendly Ghosts - $2.50 on TpT & TN
These tens frames were created with the Math Common Core standard  K.OA.4 in mind but I have been told they can be used to address a first grade CC standard as well. I use ghost erasers to have my kinders complete the tens frames. Then they will complete the addition problem ___+___=10. This is a skill I start working on early on to help my kinders internalize the complements that make 10.

4) Fall Counting Sheet - FREE on TpT
This is great to have the kids practice 1:1 correspondence while counting. This activity sheet can be used in kindergarten or first grade. 

I hope you found something here you can use in your classroom. Happy fall y'all!

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