Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Happy Easter Surprise Day!

Hope all of you are having a wonderful school year. Mine has been super busy! This is our week before we get out for Spring Break! YAH!!!! I am so excited about some down time with my family during Spring Break.

To thank you all for being faithful followers of my not so active blog, I am putting my Easter unit as a flash freebie for today only. I will add the price back to it tomorrow morning. If you would like to download it, please click the link below and leave some feedback! Thanks so much!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Donors Choose Match Day!

Just in case anyone doesn't know Donors Choose is having a double your impact match day today only for all live projects. I am so excited because I currently have 3 live projects on the site right now that I would love to see fully funded. If you would like to view my classroom projects, please click on the link below:
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Friday, December 8, 2017

A Peek at My Week - Dec. 8, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have all had a great Thanksgiving! I loved spending the time with my family. We have so much to be thankful for! I am sharing a little peek at my last 2 weeks with you. 

This week has been a fun week around our school. We have been participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange. We each filled out a questionnaire about our favorite things. We drew names from a basket and got the questionnaire of the person we drew. Each day (Monday-Thursday), we were to give a $1-2 gift to our person. Then this afternoon we will do a reveal in our library to give our final and larger gift ($10-15) to that person. It is so much fun and always nice to find a surprise daily!

The gift I received for day 1:

The gift I received for day 2 (apparently my Secret Santa thinks I need a daily snack!):

This past week, we took Miss M to see Disney's Frozen on Ice. This was an early Christmas present for her and so worth it! It was so magical to her and she was so excited. They acted out almost the entire story with lots of music and dancing. It was beautiful!

Our family's elf, Sparkle made her return last week. We had one very excited little girl. She loves Sparkle and gets up every morning to see where she has landed when she came back from the North Pole. I haven't gotten pictures of her locations every day, but on Saturday she came back and landed on our oven handle, which meant NO COOKING for this mommy! YAH!!

Now I am off to enjoy my weekend with my family. Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Black Friday Shopping In Your PJs!

Happy Thanksgiving a day early everyone! In honor of this weekend being Thanksgiving followed by Black Friday, I am putting my entire TpT store on sale for 20% off. This sale will last from tomorrow, Nov. 23 to Nov. 25. If you have been looking for some deals on some things in your wishlist, now is the time to stock up. I love being able to shop online in my pajamas so hopefully you will too! Click on my logo below to head to my store:

Friday, November 17, 2017

Long Time, No Blog Post!

I am so sorry for neglecting my little blog lately dear followers! I have been going through a lot in my personal life and have been unable to do more than the essentials, so please bear with me!

To get you up to date, I moved back down to kindergarten this year after 2 years in 2nd grade! YAH! I am so excited to be back where my heart has always been! This has been a great move for me, but also very busy as I am trying to get my brain wrapped back around kindergarten standards. Since I have been out of kindergarten for 2 years, we have changed from Common Core here in South Carolina to the new South Carolina standards which are very similar, but still different too.

I have also been going through some health issues with some of my family. This has made me find what is truly important in my life and do those things more than the less important things, so thank you to those of you who have stuck with me through this SUPER LONG post about nothing educational! As a "prize" to you sweet followers, I have this Christmas counting sheet, you can use next month. This is a simple print and do sheet for your kiddos to review counting up to 20 objects. It can also be an informal assessment if you choose. Happy Friday followers!

Thursday, April 6, 2017


I haven't been as active in posting lately and I am so very sorry for being a bad blogger, but I have been trying to be a good mommy, wife, teacher, and daughter. Let's just say I have had to overcome some obstacles in my personal and professional life this school year so I have done a lot of soul-searching to find some valuable answers. Please bear with me as I try to continue on with my blog.

As a token of my appreciation for those faithful followers on my blog, I am putting my entire TpT store on sale this weekend (Friday through Sunday) for 15% off. If you are like me with a golfer hubby, you will not be able to watch TV since the Masters is on. I am sure I will be spending some money on TpT instead! I hope you can find something you can use within your classroom.

I am currently working to make some supplemental materials to go along with our reading series: Houghton-Mifflin Journeys (2011 edition) for 2nd grade so expect to see more of those popping up in my store if you are a 2nd grade teacher. Thanks for being the great teachers you are!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I Love a Good Sale...Don't You?!

Well Teachers Pay Teachers is running a great sale right now where you have the opportunity to get 28% off most of your purchases. I have my entire store on sale for 20% off and then TpT is throwing in the other 10%. It is a great time to plan ahead and get some things you may need to finish out the winter and spring. I know I have my cart filled with some resources I have been wanting to purchase for a while for my own classroom. Don't forget to put in the code at check out for the extra 10% off!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Five for Friday - Friday the 13th Style!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! So far this week, we have had a full moon, gone from highs in the low 30's Sunday to the middle 70's today, and have Friday the 13th today....can you say Teacher Tired?!
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But I wanted to share with you a few things that have been happening this week so I'm joining up with Doodle Bugs Teaching Five For Friday.

1 - We have been learning about homophones so my class and I created this simple anchor chart to help them remember what homophones are. Nothing fancy just a quick reminder for them I hope!

2 - I found out yesterday that my Donors Choose proposal for the Rooted in Reading books has been fully funded! Now I'm patiently (well maybe NOT so patiently) waiting for them to arrive! This proposal was funded so quickly! :)

3 - This week I've been working hard to level all my students on their current reading levels. We have to complete and turn these leveling sheets into our curriculum coach. Thankfully I finally finished the last kiddo's yesterday! YAH!

4 - Last Saturday, we had a chance of snow here in South Carolina and Miss M has never seen snow so we were hoping for some. We actually got a couple of 2-4 minute flurries, but nothing stuck. It was definitely a #SnowDayBust, but M still enjoyed it even though it was COLD! We are definitely not used to winter weather like some of you have!

5 - And finally this week was the College Football National Championship. We are a house divided by the South Carolina football teams - I am a die-hard Carolina Gamecocks fan while my hubby is a die-hard Clemson Tigers fan. Of course this week Clemson played in and WON the National Championship. My hubby was super excited and he even got to dress Miss M in her Clemson cheerleader outfit. I'm sorry but I just couldn't wear that gawdy shade of orange! LOL! Seriously though, I am proud that a SC team winning the National Championship!

Hope everyone enjoys your long weekend! I know I am planning to enjoy mine!
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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Happy New Year 2017! Now It's Back To School From Winter Break!

Happy new year 2017! Yes I have been back at school for 2 weeks but boy have they been busy?! And this week having a full moon and Friday the 13th all rolled into one...can you say EXHAUSTED?!!

I hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing winter break. I know mine went by WAY too fast! I did enjoy every minute of being home with my wonderful family! I know I am super late, but I wanted to share a few pictures with you of Christmas 2016 at our house! So here's a sneak peek into my home life:
We had to bake cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve (and she had to wear her chef's hat!). Thank goodness for Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough! Of course she had to taste the dough, but don't tell!

Christmas morning! Oh the excitement in my horse-loving girl's eyes! She got a big, toy Appaloosa horse, a small Appaloosa horse, and My Little Pony PJs!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

I hope you have all had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas/Winter break. We go back to school tomorrow. As I was planning for this week, I found this writing sheet I created a few years ago and I am planning to use it with my 2nd graders to publish in the hall. There is a version for a boy and one for a girl. Feel free to use it as you see fit. It is a forever FREEBIE on TpT. I would absolutely LOVE some sweet feedback on this freebie!

Happy New Year 2017 everyone!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Sharing the Christmas Cheer!

Well I didn't think I would have time to do a post before Christmas with all the Christmas parties and celebrations going on, but I am doing this one while Miss M is still sleeping in the morning. Of course, I still cannot get my body off my school the way 5:30 am comes too early every morning!

Since I had some time this morning, I decided to look around at some Donors Choose projects and spread a little Christmas cheer by donating to some projects. Even a few dollars goes a long way to fully funding these projects. I hope you will consider giving back as well.
Image result for pay it forward
I currently have a couple of projects live on the site if anyone is interested in supporting my classroom. Even a $1 helps and right now I have a dollar for dollar match offer, so every $1 that is donated is actually $2! YAH!

I am trying to get the books to along with the Rooted in Reading lessons from Amy Lemons.

I am trying to get a new and more reliable digital camera for my classroom. I am using a very old digital camera right now and when I want really good pictures bringing in my expensive personal digital camera.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Full Moon...and Christmas Break!

Well it is FINALLY Friday! This has been an extremely tiring week for this teacher. I mean there's nothing like a FULL moon during the week we get out for Christmas break!

In the midst of this CRAZY week, my class has been getting a lot accomplished...most of which has been for the fun of it. Here's a little peek into our week.

This week my kiddos worked hard to make Christmas ornaments for their families. These are a few of the ones we made.
These were some adorable GingerCuties! They came from Miss Mandy on TpT and are FREE! I shrunk the pictures down to 2 per page to make ornaments!
These reindeer came from patterns I have had since I started teaching. They trace the patters on construction paper and then cut and assemble the reindeer. They are always so adorable and every one turns out to be UNIQUE!
A teacher friend of mine came up with the idea to do these tissue paper "stained glass" ornaments this year and the kids LOVED making them. We just used a clipart ornament as the background!

We also reviewed 2 digit addition with regrouping and made these adorable Christmas trees. This Holiday Tree is a freebie on TpT from RaraDT.

I think my favorite thing we made this year was the LOVE card from Simply Kinder (I can't find the link for this one!). The kids dipped their fingerprints in different colors of paint to make the light bulbs for their card. They are absolutely precious!

I hope you enjoyed taking a little peek into my classroom. Now I am off to enjoy my Christmas break - 2 weeks! YAH!! Merry Christmas everyone!
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