Thursday, August 30, 2012

Zero the Hero Update

Last fall, I posted about using Zero the Hero in my classroom on each 10th day of school. My kinders have always loved this event and look forward to it. They also learn how to count up to figure out how many more days they have to wait for Zero the Hero to return to our classroom.

If you have not seen the other post, please click here for what we do for the 10th, 20th, and 30th days.

I have had a request for the other days, so here you go.

40th day:

50th day: I created a fall patterns sheet with 50 fall leaves.

60th day:

70th day: Since it is in Dec. near Christmas I had my kinders draw 10 lights on each strand on the Christmas tree for a total of 70.

80th day: I gave my kinders a present with 8 sections. They drew 10 polka dots on each section to make a total of 80 polka dots.

90th day: We made a number line with numbers 1 to 90 by having the students trace the numbers and then cut out each strip. The students then put the strips together by putting a dot of glue on the star at the end of each strip.

This year, I purchased the Zero the Hero Classroom Fun pack from Kreative in Kinder and I plan to incorporate it into my Zero the Hero days. It is a great pack if you have not purchased it already.

When I taught first grade, I had my students write about Zero the Hero at the end of each 10th day. Here is the writing paper, I used if you would like it.


  1. My pre-k students love zero the hero. It is a book that is read often in our class.

    Diving Into Learning

  2. My kiddos get excited when they see Zero the Hero for the first time and I am always thrilled for those 0 days as well. They are lots of fun and so much learning takes place!

    KinderKids Fun

  3. I love Zero the Hero! Our tenth day is on Tuesday and I am so very excited! I had to stop by for a little advice. I am going to be presenting at a conference in October and so I am looking to all my bloggy friends for their words of wisdom...



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