Monday, February 9, 2015

Math Monday: Comparing Numbers & Sets

I have been working with my kinders on comparing numbers and sets (K.CC.6 & K.CC.7). I think this is such an important skill for kinders to understand, but for some of them it is so difficult because they don't have a good number sense (although we have been working on it ALL year!). 

We used this activity (made by one of my friends down the hall) to practice comparing two numbers. My kinders loved it because it was a hands-on activity and they got to use the Expo markers and erasers. Plus the alligators were so cute! This was a great informal assessment to see who could write the numbers and decide which alligator needed to go in the middle. I put the pages in sheet protectors so they would be reusable and then we store the alligator pieces in the back of the sheet protectors so they are easier to keep together. 

After we finished this activity, I had my kinders do some practice on their own using these comparing numbers sheets from The Twenty Something Teacher. This was another good way to assess who understood the concept as well as who needed more intensive help from me.

Do you have any other fun activities to help practice comparing numbers? I would love some new suggestions to add to my toolbox! Happy Monday!

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