Thursday, September 6, 2012

Zero the Hero's 10th Day

Yesterday was our 10th day of school and the first day for a visit from Zero the Hero. It was a great day and my kinders had lots of fun but I forgot my camera at school yesterday so I wanted to show you what we did.

Zero the Hero was sitting under our calendar board when the kinders arrived at school. He had a poem explaining his visit and a fun activity sheet about the number 10. (Both of these came from Kreative in Kinder's Zero the Hero Fun pack.)

In order to complete the activity sheet, I projected the sheet using our interactive projector and we did it step-by-step together.


Today my mom brightened my kindergarten team's day by sending each of us a potted flower with a sweet note attached. It was such a sweet surprise! It means so much when you realize that someone is thinking of you!

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  1. Hi Joni,
    I love Zero the Hero. I bet your kids just loved it too!
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