Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Math Skill For the Week: Sorting

I am writing this post while sitting in my swing outside. We are having some fabulous fall weather here in SC. It is only 78 degrees this afternoon and it was only 65 degrees when I got up this morning. We don't have really cool days until much later in the year but boy am I thankful for these wonderfully cooler days. It was so nice outside at recess today that I didn't want to come in.

On to other news...this week, we have been working on sorting in small groups. My kinders are starting to understand sorting by colors and sorting by shapes, but they are still having a lot of difficulty with sorting by size. This is always the most difficult for most of my kinders but they do eventually understand it.

Sorting by color
Sorting by shape
So how do you teach your kiddos about sorting? Are there any other ways that I should try for those who are still struggling to understand the concept?


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