Sunday, September 16, 2012

Walmart Frugal Finds

My hubby took me out to dinner on Friday night which was great. We went to a small local restaurant with some great seafood and very casual dining. This is the note he wrote me on the brown paper table covering! So sweet! I love him so much!!

While out with my hubby, I went to Walmart to pick up some things we needed for the house but I couldn't resist going through the school supplies and clearance section. I found some irresistible deals! Our local Walmart has discounted some of their leftover back to school items.

I found these great little index card boxes that were originally $0.88. They were on clearance for $0.25 each. They will make great storage for literacy games. I got 6 of them in the 3 different colors here.

I found these smaller pencil boxes that were $0.50 originally on clearance for $0.25. They are the perfect size to store my dry erase markers and erasers for my dry erase literacy station and to store pencils for my write the room literacy station. I got 8 of these.

These mini-notebooks were in packs of 4 and were marked down to $0.25 for each pack which was another great buy. I am going to use these in my writing center. I think my kinders will love getting to write on the mini-notebooks since they are different from the typical writing paper. I also purchased enough of these to give my kinders for part of their Christmas presents.

I found these packs of binder rings with 8 in a pack marked down to $1.00 from $1.44 so I got 2 packs.

In all, I spent less than $7.00 on all the items I purchased for my classroom and I got a ton of stuff! I just LOVE finding great deals when shopping! It means I have more money to spend on other things! :)

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