Thursday, September 20, 2012

Behavior Management Linky Party

What the Teacher Wants is doing a Linky Party for Managing Classroom Behavior!
I started my Clip Chart Management system when school started a few weeks ago and it is working great! I got my clip chart for free from Live Love Laugh Kindergarten.

The kids LOVE moving their clips up the clip chart! They are also quickly discouraged from in appropriate behaviors when they see someone else making good choices and getting to move their clothespin up the clip chart. Of course the lower levels are for students who are making inappropriate choices or not following class and school rules.
Sorry! Blogger would not let me rotate this picture!

I have been rewarding my students who get to to the top of the clipchart by getting a sticker on a card. When they get 5 stickers, they can get a treat from the treasure chest. My treasure chest has all kinds of fun prizes inside like happy meal toys, pencils, and books.

In order to communicate with parents, I send home a monthly behavior calendar with the color their child ended the day on. If the child ends the day on pink, purple, blue, or green, I just color the color in. If the color is on the bottom of the chart, I color in the circle and write the reason for the move. This helps the parents understand their child's behavior better.


  1. I love the take home calendar! Would you be willing to share?

  2. Love the calendars...quick, easy way to communicate with parents! Thanks for sharing! By the way....could your blog be any cuter??

    Come visit me!
    What Happens in First Grade

  3. I love your clip chart. I tried a basic one last year and it worked great, I may need to redo it so it's most like yours.


  4. Thanks for linking up and sharing your super cute blog with us!

    -Natalie and Rachelle


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