Saturday, September 29, 2012

Frugal Finds

Last night, I went with a friend on a "quick" trip to Target (probably my FAVORITE store!). Yeah right! We can never make a "quick" trip anywhere! We always find lots to look at! :)

While we were there, we had to make a trip through the Dollar Spot. We noticed that the selection was rather slim (I guess they are changing over their seasonal merchandise) and they had some of their Dollar Spot items marked down to 50% off making them $0.50 each. When we got to checkout we discovered they were actually 70% off making them only $0.30 each. I only purchased a few things but they sure were a great deal!

Here are the items I purchased for $0.30 each:
These tin pails have chalkboard labels painted on so I can label what is in each container. I love it!
These are 3 little adhesive cork boards. I am going to put them around my room to hang notes that I need to see but can change out easily.
I also purchased a set of 4 plastic tumblers for my kinders to store their pencils in at their tables. I couldn't get the picture of them to load. Sorry!

While wandering in the store, we went through the Back to School section where some items were on clearance as well. I found a couple of great buys there too!
These student scissors have 2 per pack and I got them for $0.43 per pack. These scissors were originally $1.50 per pack. WOW!! I got 14 packs to allow for up to 28 students which only cost me a little over $6. I have been needing new scissors for my kinders but didn't want to spend $30 on them!

I found these 6 packs of pink erasers for $0.92. They were originally $1.84. I got 5 packs so I could give each of my kinders a new eraser. Erasers seems to disappear in our room...LOL!


  1. I love a great find! I'm gonna have to make a trip to Target and see what I can find!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  2. Wow, those are good deals. I was just at Target last night but they have the Fall items in the dollar spot now.



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