Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mid Year Assessments

The mid year is here and it is time for assessments to be completed again. This is a busy time of year with lots to do especially after we have just returned from Christmas break, but it must be done.

This week I am completing running records for each of my kinders. I am sure most of you have to complete these running records at some point during the school year, but this year we were asked to complete them at the beginning of the year and this is our 2nd time completing them to see if our kinders have improved their reading levels. Some of my darlings just weren't ready to do this at the beginning of the year so I was glad to see that many of them have improved their reading levels since then. Our goal is to be reading on a level D independently by the end of the school year which is a challenge in kindergarten, but hopefully most will be reading on a level C independently. 

I am also completing the assessments for our 2nd nine weeks' report card. I am using the CC Math Assessment pack from my TpT store for the math standards. I have also made ELA assessments for the 2nd nine weeks. I plan to finish this pack soon and put it in my TpT store. 

My teacher assistant monitors my other students who are completing independent activities while I am completing these assessments. Sometimes these activities are activity sheets at their tables; other times the students are in literacy stations.  

I hope this helps give you a peek inside my classroom. Happy Thursday everyone! 

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  1. I would kill to have an assistant. That would be so helpful especially during assessment times!

    Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas


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