Friday, September 14, 2018

Hurricane Florence & A Sale

So it seems that my little hometown near the coast of South Carolina is once again on a course with a natural disaster. Hurricane Florence seems to have us in her sights. Our little town has been through our share of tragedies in the past 5 years. Just to give you a little background, here is a timeline of the natural disasters we have had in the past few years.

  • Jan. 2014 - Ice storm (Downed power lines = No electricity!)
  • Feb. 2014 - Ice storm (Downed power lines = No electricity!)
  • Oct. 2015 - 1000 year flood (Many of our students and teachers lost their homes!) 
  • Oct. 2016 - Hurricane Matthew (Downed power lines = No electricity! We were without power for 7 days.)
  • Jan. 2018 - Snowstorm (A week of snow and ice on the ground but thankfully we didn't lose power so we weren't cold!)
  • Sept. 2018 - Hurricane Florence? (We are certainly praying she weakens and doesn't harm anyone in North or South Carolina!)
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Since my sweet hubby works for our state power company, he is on storm watch and will be stuck at the power plant working through this storm. I am so blessed that my parents live only 3 miles from us and will be taking Miss M and me in through the storm. I know I would be just as safe at home, but I would rather be with my family. 

As worried as I am with all the forecasters' predictions, I have decided to instead turn my attention to the things I can control. I am working on creating some new things to use in my classroom and I decided to throw a sale on TpT. Everything in my store will be 10% off starting today through Sunday. Click on the link below to go directly to my store:

I hope you are all safe wherever you are!

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