Monday, February 11, 2013

A-Z of Teacher Me

A: App - Pinterest...I am addicted and love using it on my phone just as much as on the computer.
B: Book Character - Clifford. There is a book for every occasion and my kinders always love them.
C: Clip Art - KPM Doodles & Scrappin Doodles
D: Dollar Spot Find - I love everything I find in the Dollar Spot but my most recent purchase that I love is the heart dice to play Valentine games with my kinders. (It is a good thing the closest Target is an hour away!)
E: Essential To Start Day - A shower...I have to have one every morning to get my day started off right.
F: Font - Smiley Monster has been my favorite lately.
G: Game - I love Sudoku!
H: Holiday - Christmas...I have always loved Christmas and the older I get the more I look forward to it. It is such a happy time of year. 
I: Ice Cream - Strawberry Cheesecake - This was my childhood favorite and I still love it although it can be difficult to find.
J: Jewelry Piece - My watch and wedding set - I am lost without them!
K: Kid-ism - "I need some hanitizer..."
L: Location To Travel - The Smokey Mountains of North Carolina & Tennessee...I love visiting and it is close enough to drive in a matter of hours. 
M: Management Technique - clip chart - This is my first year using one and it is working well in my classroom. The kids love that they can move up and work harder to get their clothespins back to positive colors.
N: Nail Polish - I am usually a Watermelon pink girl or french manicure.
O: Open House Idea - I always take a picture of my students the first day of school and then have them make a frame for their parents for open house.
P: Pinterest Find - Using a paint chip as a tens frames...genius!!
Using paint chip samples as a ten-frame-genius!!
Q: Quote - "A person's a person no matter how small." -Dr. Seuss
R: Read-Aloud - Anything by Robert Munsch...he is so funny!
S: School Supply - Crayola markers - I always treat myself to at least one new box each school year. They are the best writing markers. 
T: TPT/TN Product - There are so many great products out there but here is the one I just purchased from Rowdy in Room 300. It is her Kindergarten Comprehension pack TWO! It is such a great practice pack for my kinders.
U: Un-Official Hobby - making crafts inspired by Pinterest
V: Video Brain Break - Just Dance for Kids video clips from YouTube
W: Way To Spend A Day Off - relaxing with a great book at home or shopping with a friend
X: X-tra Special Blogs You - There are so many, but here are a couple of my absolute favorites:
Growing KindersKindergarten Crayons     Kreative in Kinder 
Live Love Laugh   
Y: Yummy Dessert - chocolate sinful!
Z: Zoo Animal - manatee...I know this isn't really a zoo animal but it is my favorite animal and they do have them at some zoos in Florida. 

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  1. Oh my goodness your blog is so adorable! It makes me dream of summer instead of these blizzard days!

    Thanks so much for linking up! I love your watermelon pink color. That's a favorite color of mine too! The Smokey Mountains sounds like a great place to travel! The paint chip idea is so smart! The person quote is one of my favorites too! Love it!


  2. I love Robert Munsch and Christmas too! I do an author study on Robert Munsch in April. I don't know why but his books just feel like they belong in April...maybe its the April Fools day aspect of the month. :)
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  3. I love the idea for the paint chip ten frames! Thanks for sharing. =)


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