Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Freebie: Ordering Numbers 1-20

Ordering numbers from 1 to 20 is a skill that can be difficult for some students so I work on it all year. In this activity, I have my kinders color the stockings in a pattern of their choosing. Some go for more difficult patterns (ABCD or AABBCC) while others stick to the simpler patterns (AB or ABC). Either is fine with me now that patterns are no longer addressed in the Common Core standards. This is just a fun way to get them interested in the activity. 

When they have finished coloring, they have the cut apart the squares. Then put them back together in order on a sentence strip. This can prove to be difficult for some and fun for others. I just walk around and help those who seem to be having more trouble than others. 

Here is the sheet if you would like to download it. 
After today, we only have 3 more school days next week until the beginning of our Christmas break. I am so excited about having 2 weeks off to spend with my family.

UPDATE: Some people were having trouble downloading this activity from Google Drive so I put it in my TpT store. Click here to download it from TpT.


  1. I would love this - but it won't come up in google docs....?
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I will try to upload it to my TpT store tonight. Thanks for letting me know!



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