Friday, March 9, 2012

Dr. Seuss Is On The Loose!

Last week and this week we have been working on our Dr. Seuss unit. This is one of my favorite units that we do all year! This year has been lots of fun as well!

After reading The Cat in the Hat, my kinders completed the rhyming hats game from Kelly's Kindergarten. This was a rather difficult activity for some of my kinders, but it was a nice challenge.

We made these adorable Cats in the Hats by following written directions. The kids loved doing this craft!
This picture didn't upload correctly.
After reading Green Eggs and Ham, we practiced adding during our small group math time. The kids used the plates and green eggs from A to Z Teacher Stuff. The kinders rolled a die and put that many eggs on the left side of their plate and then rolled again for the right side. This was a good way to practice addition hands-on.

After reading Ten Apples Up on Top, we used the apples sheet with number words I made to make these adorable ten apples up on top self portraits. They turned out so cute!

To finish off our Dr. Seuss fun, we had a Dr. Seuss day where the kids got to dress like a Dr. Seuss character of their choice. I had lots of Cat in the Hats and Things show up to class. I also had a couple Cindy Lou Who's. They were adorable!

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