Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Currently #5 of Sweet '16 & a TpT Teacher Appreciation Sale!

Well I missed the April Currently linky because of such a hectic schedule! So now I am joining the FINAL May Currently linky with Farley! I am so sad to see it go because I have met some awesome people through it, but I totally understand! So here's mine:
I can't believe that in 2 weeks my baby will be 3! I am working hard to plan her 3rd birthday but there is just so much to do!

Today and tomorrow TpT is celebrating US as teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week! Everything in my store is 20% off and with the code CELEBRATE, you get another 10% off! Now is the time to clear out some of the clutter in your wishlist! I am working on cleaning mine out! Click on the picture below to head over to my store:


  1. Joni,
    Thank you for sharing your currently! I am excited to see what you have planned for Miss M's special day!!
    It's Kinder Time

    1. Thanks Kimberlee! Please check back next week to see some pictures of Miss M's birthday party!

  2. Yes, there is a lot to get done. I need a couple of our "work days" BEFORE the end. Then I could enjoy that time and go off to start summer feeling on top of things! Alas it will be keep running til the kids/ teachers are done. Not get everything done on the "work days" just cause I'm exhausted, and still go off to summer. Wait. At least there's the last part. Have a fun party and love your color scheme!

    1. I can't wait to enjoy my summer off too. Thanks for stopping by!


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