Thursday, May 19, 2016

Happy Fri-YAH To You!

Happy Fri-YAH to you! We survived another week at this CrAzY time of the school year and for me that means I only have 9 more school days left! YAH! I am super proud of how much my 2nd graders have learned this year, but I am so ready for the summer break to spend with my little one. She is growing up much too quickly and I want to soak up every minute!

As I promised, I wanted to give you a peek at Miss M's 3rd birthday. She chose to do a Thomas the train theme. He is her FAVORITE character!! I went to work trying to come up with some ideas for her party, so here are some pictures of how it turned out. I think it turned out very well if I do say so myself!
Railroad Crossing Signs

Thomas and his snack cars


Drink station

My girl with her birthday cake

Opening her presents
My little family after the party!
Hope you enjoyed this peek into my home life! Happy Friday everyone!


  1. My little grandson (same age as your daughter) also ADORES Thomas the Train. He'd LOVE that cake! You did a great job with everything.
    Happy summer holidays! I see that you're almost done. You can think of me as I keep teaching 'til the end of June :)

    1. Thanks Barbara for your sweet comments. I am very excited about spending summer break with my little girl. Please stop by again soon!


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