Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What I'm Loving Wednesday - March 11, 2015

I have not posted a What I'm Loving Wednesday post in a while but I decided to start again! I love these posts because they make me so happy and I needed to share a smile with you today. 

1 - The pretty weather!
This week our temps here in SC have been in the lower 70's and have felt AMAZING! It is causing me to get spring fever. 

2 - The signs of spring!
The flowers are beginning to bloom and our lovely Bradford pear tree on the playground is getting ready bloom at any time. This is such a pretty season! M picked these beautiful jonquils for her GG (my grandmother - her great grandmother) this weekend.

3 - Watching Miss M grow and learn! 
I am amazed at all the new things she is learning and doing each day. Last weekend she was playing with her MegaBlocks and started sorting them by their height...putting all the short ones together in a line and the taller ones together in a line. I was totally amazed! She is only 21 months old and I have seen SOOOOO many kinders struggle with sorting.

4 - All the funny things kinders say!
This week my TA read my kinders a book about sloths. After she finished reading the book, one of my kinders raised her hand and said she didn't think sloths were the slowest animals in the world. She was pretty sure that grandmas were! HaHa! You never know what they are going to say n

So what are you loving this Wednesday? I would LOVE to know! Please leave me a comment!

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