Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wacky Winter Weather - Part 2

Well last week we only came to school on Monday and Tuesday due to some bad winter weather that was headed our way. When I got up on Wednesday morning, the rain that had come in on Tuesday had turned to freezing rain and had icicles hanging from everything around our house. Our power went out about 10:30 am on Wednesday morning and due to the trees down and power lines down from the ice we were without power until about 10:30 pm on Sunday night. I am just thankful that my parents' power was restored on Thursday evening around 6:30 so we stayed with them. No power + a 9 month old = NO FUN!!

Needless to say we didn't come to school on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Our school was without electricity until sometime this weekend so today is our first day back. I am not looking forward to making up these days but I did enjoy all the extra time I had for hugs and kisses from my sweet baby girl! M's kisses make everything better!

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