Monday, February 3, 2014

Miss M Moments - crawling and talking?!

Last week, we had 3 ice days here in SC so we were out of school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Miss M and I loved spending time together. My hubby works for the power company so he had to be at work in case something happened to the power so unfortunately he wasn't able to spend as much time with us as he would have liked. M loved having "Mommy and Me" days at home. We played and read books which she loved.  

I can't believe I am saying this, but my sweet M is now officially mobile! She has begun crawling forward and has figured out how to get where she wants to go now either by crawling, scooting, or rolling. She is loving being able to pull up on the couch and coffee table and of course she is bothering things she has no business getting into, but she just smiles at you and it is hard to scold her!

She has also begun to talk! Her first word was "Ma-Ma" which of course just thrilled me! She has since started saying "Da-Da" too but not nearly as often as "Ma-Ma"! I love hearing her talk to me and she just smiles while she is talking.

Playing with her baby doll and talking with Mommy
Enjoying a pretty winter day on Sunday in her swing

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  1. Such a sweet girl! It was nice having those ice days off last week. I just wish we would have gotten more snow and less ice. Maybe next time!

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