Friday, September 13, 2013

WoW! I Made It Thru 17 Days of School!

I know I have been MIA this summer, but I have been enjoying my time with my sweet baby girl. Miss M is such a blessing and my time with her has been amazing. I was able to stay home with her until she was 13 weeks old and it was great. When I had to come back to work it was very difficult for me. My mom is keeping her every day while I work but I still just had a hard time leaving her. She is doing great adjusting (lots better than this mommy!).

Now on to other news, I have been MIA since school started because I have been trying to keep up with my 28 (YES 28!!!) kinderkids. We have sooooo many! Thankfully yesterday our principal started a new kindergarten section so now I am down to 24 kinders. Not a huge relief but any help at this point is appreciated. They were just soooo talkative and we couldn’t get anything done in our classroom. I also have a lot of students who have never been to any kind of school before; only 9 of mine had been to a pre-k program. The ones who have never been to school before are having a difficult time adjusting.  Now that we have a few less kinders I am hoping that life will slow down so I can get back to blogging some.

Happy Friday everyone! Here is a picture of Miss M to leave you with a smile! She is such a happy girl!


  1. She is adorable and that is one snazzy outfit! :)

    Primary Buzz

  2. How cute your daughter is! You can't help smiling when you look at Macy smiling


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