Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Peek At Our Week - Presidents Day

Sorry this post is late! I was going to do it this weekend but was too busy to sit down and finish it.

Here is a peek at last week. We learned all about presidents and American symbols. My kinderkids loved this unit and learned so much. We first talked about our first president, George Washington. After reading several books about his life, we completed a bubble map together.

Sorry this one wouldn't upload the right way!

Then we talked about Abraham Lincoln and his life. We made a bubble map about him as well.

After talking about both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln the kids completed this activity sheet from Mailbox magazine where they sorted the pictures by which president they belonged to. It was a great review of what they had learned and they did really well during this activity during independent group time.

Kindergarten Hoppenings had some adorable activities that she did last year with her kinderkids. We completed the counting by 5's activity since we have been practicing for a while. The kids LOVED it! It was great practice and was hands-on.

For the next 2 weeks we will be doing our Dr. Seuss unit. I am so excited. This is always a favorite of mine. Look for more pictures to come!

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