Friday, January 15, 2016

The BEST Pencil Sharpener EVER!!

Oh my goodness! I got the most wonderful pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies before Christmas break to review. My kiddos as well as myself are LOVING it!! It sharpens pencils like a dream, even those cheap Dollar Store pencils that they love but never sharpen right. I am amazed at how pointy the get and how well they hold up to the abuse my 2nd graders throw at them! 

Here is my new pencil sharpener...isn't is pretty?! I love the Cool Blue since it our school color as well.

This sharpener not only looks pretty, but look at the before and after pictures of how well it sharpened these pencils.

As an added bonus, it is super quiet. Of course it might have something to do with the fact it was created by a teacher with classrooms and teachers in mind. I am amazed at the quality of the pencil sharpener. It is heavy-duty without being too cumbersome to move around in my classroom. My kiddos can use it independently after getting some instructions too...which is definitely an added bonus.

This pencil sharpener is unique in the way it sharpens pencils. You must pull out the faceplate and pinch the two black levers at the top to insert the pencil. Then you let go of the pencil and hold the top of the pencil sharpener and turn the knob with your other hand. The pencil moves into the sharpener as it sharpens. When it is fully sharp, the knob will turn freely. Then you just pinch the two levers again to take the pencil out. It is AMAZING!!

I must say that I would definitely give this pencil sharpener a 5 star review! It is amazing and a must have for every classroom. Plus they are not super expensive ($24.99 each...but you can get them cheaper if you buy a 3 pack) and you can order replacement blades when they blade gets dull. It is in one word - AMAZING!! You can head over to their website to order one for yourself (plus they have FREE shipping!).

This review is my own personal opinion and has not been influenced by anyone else.


  1. I teach Pre-k and my kiddos are able to use it. I made it one of our class jobs they love using it so much. I tell everyone I know about it because it's so simple to use and gives you that perfect point EVERY time!

    1. So true! I have been searching for a great pencil sharpener for while and I simply LOVE this one! I definitely want another one for my classroom.


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