Friday, January 8, 2016

Teaching 1 & 2 Digit Addition With a Friday Freebie!

For the past month or so, my 2nd grade team has been reviewing 1 digit and teaching 2 digit addition to our students. We began by reviewing what they knew about 1 digit addition (friends of 10, doubles facts, near doubles facts). This lead us right into our instruction on 2 digit addition without regrouping. Once our kiddos had the hang of addition without regrouping, we introduced regrouping which was difficult at first but most of them had it by the time we went home for Christmas break. This week, we reviewed these skills and today we had our cumulative assessment.

This assessment is a freebie on Tpt so you can just click on the link above to download if you would like to use it with your kiddos too! Please remember to leave my some feedback if you download! Happy Friday everyone!

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