Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Parent Gifts

I just wanted to pop on and share with you what I made my students' parents this year for Christmas. I wanted to do something different than I have done in the past since I have a student in my class this year (2nd grade) that I taught in kindergarten. Since I didn't have any "great" ideas popping into my head, I went searching on Pinterest (I don't know what I did before we had it!). I found a great idea where a mom had made silhouettes of her children and framed them for gifts. Well I decided to make them of my students and make ornaments out of them!

First I took each students side profile picture. This works well if you take their picture with a window as the background where there is a lot of light and you get a well defined image outline. Then I printed them off on my black and white printer in my classroom. Since I wanted them smaller and more ornament sized, I printed them 3 1/2 x 5" size. BTW: The smaller the size, the more tedious cutting them out is! Then I laid each child's picture on a piece of black construction paper and with my fine point scissors, I cut out their silhouettes. Then I glued them to the cardstock oval I made dated with the year and laminated them. Then I tied a red ribbon through the top for them to hang on the Christmas tree.

Here is what the finished products look like:

I think they are just precious and I am sure the parents will love hanging them on their tree year after year. I know that today is the last day of school for most places before Christmas, but I think they would make great Valentine's or Mother's Day! They would be great to do in a 5x7" frame!

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