Saturday, May 31, 2014

iPad Fun!

I previously said that I have received an iPad through Donors Choose. I am still looking for good educational apps for it so any suggestions would be appreciated. The apps that I have downloaded have been loved by my kinders. They are loving using it during small group time.

This is a sight word app where each piece of fruit has a different sight word on it. The app says a word and the kiddo has to touch the fruit with that word on it. I love it!!

This is the Storia app from Scholastic. I have some free books that I have downloaded for the kids to listen to.

If you have any other suggestions for some great apps, please let me know. Thanks a bunch!!

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  1. Hi a few suggestions for you:
    Hairy Letters
    Puppet Pals
    There's a Monster at the end of this Book
    Hairy Maclary
    Me books



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