Monday, November 21, 2011

Here's a Peek At My Week!

This was a very short week for us (only 2 days!) so we worked on some skills that my kinderkids need more practice on.

We have been working on rhyming words since this is an important skill for the 2nd quarter. We will be doing some whole group activities including this one. I have a set of 12 pairs of rhyming pictures. Each child will get a card and then they will have to find their rhyming picture partner. They will then come up and put the pictures in the pocket chart and tell the class their pair of rhyming words.


  1. We are working on this as well. How do you assess rhyming? I have just been having the kiddos come up one at a time and tell me the rhyming word for a word I choose...but it's time consuming. Thanks!

  2. I assess rhyming the same way. We have a set list of 10 words that I say aloud and the child has to tell me a word that rhymes with it. They must get 80% of the words or 8 of the 10 for mastery in our district. It is time consuming but I try to do it when I have a few minutes in the mornings with my early arrivals. I hope this helps!


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