Monday, February 13, 2017

Five for Friday - Feb. 10

Happy Monday everyone! I am so late posting this, but I wanted to link up with DoodleBugs Teaching for her Five for Friday linky this week! I'm not sure about you, but I have definitely been feeling the FULL MOON this week with my kiddos! Here's a quick peek at my week!

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The weather here in SC has been beautiful so Miss M and I enjoyed our afternoons playing in the warm sunshine. She loves building in the sand and I just love spending my time with her.

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My Donors Choose Boogie Boards came in a couple weeks ago and my students have been loving using them in class. I got a set of 10 and have a grant currently written to get 10 more to make a whole class set. They think they are so cool!

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Since the weather was so pretty, I even managed to get out and wash my car this week. It had gotten so dirty from all the rainy days we have had and it is a BIG job to get it clean so I was so proud of it!

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This was the beautiful sunrise Friday morning as I was heading out to work. It always amazes me!

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We have been working on informational writing for the past few weeks. This week we decided to do our informational writing on pandas which happen to be our school mascot. We read 3 different articles on pandas and found facts. Then they turned their jot list into an informational writing piece. As a Fun Friday activity, we did a directed drawing of a panda. They are absolutely adorable.

Hope everyone has a great new week!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I Love a Good Sale...Don't You?!

Well Teachers Pay Teachers is running a great sale right now where you have the opportunity to get 28% off most of your purchases. I have my entire store on sale for 20% off and then TpT is throwing in the other 10%. It is a great time to plan ahead and get some things you may need to finish out the winter and spring. I know I have my cart filled with some resources I have been wanting to purchase for a while for my own classroom. Don't forget to put in the code at check out for the extra 10% off!

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